Producing best quality synthetic yellow iron oxides pigments with high tinting power .

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In 1985 chemist. Edward Sami Faltas has founded the first and only factory in the Middle East for producing synthetic yellow & red iron oxide pigment with high quality and competitive price.

Unox synthetic  iron oxide pigments became a main market leader in the middle east and sustained a remarkable reputation till now.

Our quality control procedures insures a sustainable iron oxide concentration and shade. We use the best quality iron scrap and best purity materials to insure the best shade and tinting strength.

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Unoxe is the only producer for Synthetic yellow iron oxide in the middle east

Synthetic Yellow Iron Oxides from Unoxe are high-quality inorganic pigments suitable for wide range of demanding colorant applications. Typical applications include architectural paints, industrial coatings, product finishes, wood stains, plastics, rubber, ceramics, inks, paper, concrete, stucco, cement and mortar.

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