About us


In 1985 chemist / Edward Sami Faltas has founded the first factory in the Middle East for producing synthetic yellow & red iron oxide pigment which was imported from abroad at this time.

Due to the ambition & experience of the chemist / Edward Sami Faltas, he succeeded in producing synthetic yellow & red iron oxide with a very high quality competing the exported one.

We are proud that our factory (the FIRST and ONLY one in the Middle East) is able to produce synthetic iron oxides in competitive quality and meeting the international standards.

Raw material

We use iron scrap and recycled iron as well as raw material from best quality mines in Aswan


WE have 3 factories the red and yellow are built on 12000 m2 with a production capacity of 3000 tons/year we have more than 100 skilled employees, as well as a professional logistics and export team.

Equipped with the latest machinery and lab technology we are able us to produce a standard product that competes internationally.

Our position enable export to many countries with very competitive pricing


Our laboratory is equipped by Malvern Mastersizer 3000 and data colour ELREPHO.

We are ISO 9001 certified.
Our professional QC team will insure best quality and best packaging for our customers satisfaction.


Egypt’s geographical proximity to fast growing and high consumer countries, allows Unox to serve the export markets of Europe, India, Far East, Middle East and all Africa regularly and efficiently.

We aim to create value for our customers through our professional team and the utilization of our high quality resources.

In order to do this, we focus on our customers’ demands and satisfying their needs by providing them with the best and cost effective services.

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