A mixture of very fine pigments with high concentration to ensure color resistance. A blend of organic & inorganic pigments. Ready for immediate use as shown below.
This highly concentrated product is used in coloring tiles, alkid paints & emulsion paints, epoxy, exterior paints, sand brick & cement brick. It is dispersed easily & gives a good hiding color.
General Properties:
Weather tuff, didn’t change with long exposure to heat, sun, iodine, rain & bad weather & with high stability.
Physical properties:
Density2.7     ( + 0.3 )  
Bulk density1.23   ( + 0.3 )  
Felmthecnis30-60 μ  
Storagest apelity36 months from the date of product.  
Flash pointinflammable  
Heat80 ˚c ( not direct )  
Fines10 μ -  
How to use ?
1. Dissolve the desired amount directly on cement.
2. Mix the desired amount of the powder directly on dried tiles to make a paste with the desired color.
3. Used to color emulsion paints by making paste first & add this paste to the mixture according to titanium oxide concentration, with very well blending.
Store in dry place, avoid direct exposure to sun.
- Normally the bag is 25 kg.
- Also available in different weight according to the order form.
- For export, it is available in big bag weighs 1 ton.
Safety precautions:
In case of direct contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.
Alfltas Paints
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