This company runs a factory which produces natural oxides such as red iron oxide " hematite " yellow iron oxide " limonite " , kaolin and all pigments for coloring paints , cement and tiles , in the from of liquid and powder
All the forms of these pigments contain organic and inorganic colors such as yellow, green, blue, purple, red orange and black.

The factory is found on the 10th of Ramadan city (B1) on a space of 12,000 m2 , with production capacity that reach 30,000 tons / year , with more than 125 engineers, chemists, technicians and workers all highly qualified and well trained.

We have an elaborate quality control lab, and research and development lab, both equipped with the most advanced instruments to enable our expert team to develop and investigate our product and fulfill the international standards.

We received a trophy for the application of the last technology and development from Spain 1991.
We are exporting more thin 20% of our production, due to the competing quality and cost of our products.

Our products serve the following sector of industry.

Paint, sand brick tiles pigments, rubber, plastics and many of the chemical industries.

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