For more than half a century, Mr Samy faltas group started as a small firm called "Samy Faltas company for paints ". Due to the hard efforts, continues development, upgrading to our machinery, used technology and methods of training to our team. "Al Faltas" became a trustful name of quality to all the customers both nationally & internationally.

In 1985 chemist / Edward Samy Faltas has founded the first factory in the Middle East for producing the synthetic yellow & red iron oxide pigment which was imported from abroad at this time.

Due to the ambition & experience of the chemist / Edward Samy Faltas he succeeded in producing synthetic yellow & red iron oxide with a very high quality competing the exported one.

The company runs a factory, which was the first in the Middle East for producing synthetic iron oxides (yellow & red) that meet the international standards with different color grades.

The factory was build on 12000 m2 with a production capacity of 3000 tons / year.

The factory has more than 45 skilled engineers, chemist, and technician & workers.

The factory is equipped with the latest equipment and machinery that enables us to produce a standard product that compete the similar international products.

The company is exporting some of its products because of the high standard quality and competing price.

Our products are used on the following industries:
Paints, pigments, tiles, Rubber, plastic, sand brick & chemical industries

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